Are you looking for cardboard protectors that perfectly match the features of your products?


Are you looking for cardboard corner profiles to protect the corners of your products?

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Are you looking for cardboard edge profiles to protect the edges of your panels?


Are you looking for die-cut cardboard sections and dividers for better separation and organization of your products?


Ultra-durable, environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. The only alternative to metal, plastic and wood.

Green Pack is a Serafin Group company that makes cardboard packaging, cardboard for packaging and cardboard protectors for customized packaging. The cardboard products in the Greenpy® range have two key features: they are environmentally friendly and just as impact resistant as plastic, metal and wooden packaging.

  • Planning, designing and producing packaging solutions to customer specifications.
  • Customized cardboard processing.
  • Die-cutting and cardboard processing.
  • Customer care service to provide prompt, effective technical advice.
  • Order planning for impeccable management of purchasing and logistics.
  • Logistics service with its own vehicles offering 48-hour express delivery for standard products from the warehouse.

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