Protect and stabilize products on pallets.

Our die-cut cardboard strips and shapes can be placed between products on pallets to increase the stability of the pallets when they are moved.
The slotted dividers can be put inside boxes to separate products.


Trust us with your products. They are in good hands.

• Highly competitive price/performance ratio.

• Advice and designs for customized solutions.

• Express logistics service.

• Customer care service to cater to all of your needs.

• Computerized, barcode-based warehouse system for real-time management of product availability.

• Thousands of standard items in the warehouse ready for delivery.

• Order planning for efficient management of warehouse stock.


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Are you looking for packaging products that are more suited to your needs?
Do you want to rationalize and enhance the efficiency of your packaging line?
Are you looking for state-of-the-art ESD protection solutions?
Are you looking for 100% recyclable, eco-friendly protective packaging?

Environmentally friendly, high-performance cardboard protectors.
Green Pack was founded in 2000. It designs and makes environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable cardboard packaging for outstanding protection.
In addition to its broad selection of standard products ready for delivery, Green Pack provides customized packaging solutions.